October 4-6

Video Archive

Recordings of each main session will be made available on this page withing 24 hours of their conclusion.

Tuesday, October 4

During the opening session of the 2022 GACX Forum, Bekele Shanko shares a compelling vision for believers to be committed to both multiplication and collaboration. Curtis Sergeant provides some perspective and insight into the progress and challenges of movements. And Aila Tasse tells about what he's seeing God do among unreached people in east Africa and beyond.

Wednesday, October 5

On the second day of the 2022 GACX Forum: Greg Steir from Dare2Share shares from his heart how we need to challenge the next generation to be fluent sharers of the gospel. And Kenny Fong, an indigenous disciple maker in Mauritius, shares his story of coming to Jesus and bringing others into God's mission.

Thursday, October 6

During the closing session, Curtis Sergeant shares about God's work. And J.D. Payne talks about "apostolic imagination."

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