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Growing Urban Movements (Version 1)

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According to the United Nations, 55% of the world lives in urban centers today but almost 70% will by the year 2050. How can we impact and reach these dense population segments which have some of the greatest physical and spiritual needs? Let's gather together as practitioners and strategists and process, encourage, learn and even dream together as we consider obstacles and best practices we have experienced and how we might increase our impact by partnering together.

Featured Presenters

Kevin Marsico


Kevin planted his first church 20 years ago in the suburbs of Washington DC. That church has planted other churches regionally, nationally and internationally. Kevin has worked with strategy and implementation with dozens of denominations and networks and spends the majority of his time training and challenging movement leaders and church planters to start evangelistic churches with reproducible discipleship processes that will help reach this generation for Christ. Kevin currently serves as the National Director for TTI USA.